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Kim speaks about her experience being treated by Dr. Jim with an oral appliance to treat her sleep apnea:

I lived my life thinking ‘feeling tired’ is normal and unknowingly lived with sleep apnea for many years.  After seeing many doctors, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was given ONE option, a C-PAP machine.  Being an active, young mom, who travels frequently, a C-PAP machine was not an ideal solution, but accepted it as I thought that was my only option.   After three long years of using a C-PAP, I was introduced to Kramer Dentistry and that is when I felt relief and my life started to feel normal again.  During my initial consultation with Dr. Kramer, he educated me on my condition and helped me understand the many options I have to treat my condition – I learned more in this ONE consultation than I did over the years across multiple doctors.  Within weeks of my initial consultation, I received my oral device and was experiencing uninterrupted sleep, C-PAP free!!!  Dr. Kramer continued to monitor my condition and recently completed a sleep study to confirm the oral device ultimately resolved my apnea!  I’m no longer connected to a machine and tubes every night and have gotten normalcy back into my life.   As a result of my experience and knowing that Dr. Kramer screens all patients for sleep apnea, I’ve chosen to have my family see Kramer Dentistry as their primary dentist.  I know Dr. Kramer will put my family’s health first and continue to increase the awareness of sleep apnea across the community – it’s a painful condition and I’m glad I got my life back!  Thank You Kramer Dentistry!


Brian shares his thoughts about oral appliance therapy as an alternative to his CPAP:

Hey Doctor Kramer, just writing to let you know how happy I am with my Somnomed appliance.  Originally I just wanted something as a backup I could travel and camp with instead of hauling my bulky CPAP around or just going without and not sleeping much. I’m now approaching 2 years with my appliance and my CPAP is now just an emergency backup to the Somnomed. 

My appliance is more comfortable, as effective and way more convenient and I use it exclusively. I do not miss hauling my CPAP through airports, on vacations, or looking for outlets in hotel rooms.  Hauling a deep cell battery along for power when camping is not missed either. I would not have attempted my recent backpacking trip up to Machu Picchu Peru or Hostelling my way thru Germany last year without my appliance. As my Apnea got worse, I seriously thought those days were behind me unless I found an alternative. And I did.

I am so happy I found you, your staff and your Somnomed right here under my nose (pun intended) in Neenah. My life is seriously better for it..

Thanks again

Brian Walter

Neenah WI